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Share your Rides with your friends and Rehall while boarding (or Skiing) in the coolest outfits

We will support you if you support us! We off Rehall want to be a part off your snowendeavors, fun en pain! Let your followers know your are enjoying your rides together with Rehall and we will provide you with cool gear to wear while doing so.

Scroll down and give us a shout! Do not forget to write a motivation and to give us an idea of your skills please send us some pictures and or a video.


Are you a ski or board-fanatic and would you like to become a Reh-a-hollic? We are always looking for new Rehall Family members.

Off course we want you to be an ambassador of our brand and share as many of your rides in Rehall gear. You can send us your information, motivation and we would also like to receive some pictures and if possible a video.

So let us know and become a “Reh-a-hollic”

Ronald Smits

I want to become a Re-A-hall-ic



Are you joining us?

A family bound by constant innovation and bonded by the common ideal of creating be er experiences through good gear. An enterprise of professionals, creatives and athletes driven by seamless integration and optimal performance that believes not in boundaries but only opportunity.

We are all Reh-a-hollics.

Anatoly Lebedinsky

Ukraine | Re-a-hall-ic since 2009

Bjorn van Dongen

Netherlands | Re-a-hall-ic since 2009

Christoph Lechner

Germany | Re-a-hall-ic since 2014

Florian Lechner

Germany | Re-a-hall-ic since 2016

Frits Rijpers

Netherlands | Re-a-hall-ic since 2009

Kees-Jan van der Klooster

Netherlands | Re-a-hall-ic since 2006

Sander D’Helft

Belgium | Re-a-hall-ic since 2017