I started boarding when I turned nine years old. From 11 years old I also started competing in contents, mostly in the Netherlands and the Alpes. Since 3 years ago I stopped riding contest and only focused on making awesome trips at several parks in the Alps, just for fun ! I swapped in the competitions for improving my free-boarding skills and making awesome pics and vids in the Alps.

Since 2018 I started at my new school (COIS in Goes) with as my main profile “snowboarding”. I am doing my internship at “SNWFRND” at Skidome, that’s a organisation started by Freestyle riders to provide more opportunities and stimulate the freestylers at Skidome Rucphen.

The best of fun for me while snowboarding is hitting large kickers in the Alps ! Last year I got the chance to experience freeriding there and got addicted from the very first moment. This year I will be making several awesome trips to the mountains with my friends.

Rehall rider since: 2009
Name: Frits Rijpers
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 16
Set-up: Full Camber, bindings 12 dgrs Duck
Best slope(s): Mottolino, Les Arcs, Laax (indoor
@ Skidome)
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