“You can never go wrong if you choose an outfit
from this colour group! The classic olive colour
has returned but now in combination with new
solid colours and a cool neon camo print.
The olive-black colour combinations are timeless
and very masculine. But at the same time
combined with the military coloured fabric or the
gravel stone coloured fabric it makes the items
special and very different from our “normal”
black-olive coloured items..”

“Sometimes you have to keep it simple to make it the most beautiful. The colours combined with these designs will give you a really classic and clean appearance.”


This group is designed for guys who like to stay low key on the mountain. The colours and designs of the jackets are very clean and classic. The glacier grey colours combined with olive and black still make this group standout more than just the typical olive tones.

“For me this colour group and the styles in it are by far my most favourite! I always believe in strength of simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, these styles are not simple or dull at all. You just don’t need to say a lot about them, the styles speak for themselves.”

copper brown
“Who doesn’t love copper brown!? It’s a down to earth colour and the way it has been applied into the designs makes it hard to choose just only one outfit.”

“I’ve always been very interested in space, science, and going into the universe. That’s why I wanted to create a style that would give me the feeling of being in outerspace. So here it is; one of my all-time favourite outfits. The Digger-R pants and Karl-R anorak in Reflective camo print.”

We completely love how these colours combine with each other! It’s new, refreshing and it’s designed for the men who like to make a statement on the mountains.Combine the all over print named “Rock White” however you want. If you really want to stand out; take the LOGAN-R snow anorak & the RIDER-R snow pants in this print. If you like to keep it more cool & collected you can also combine one of these printed styles with a neutral one-coloured item from our collection.This colour group gives you multiple options to make sure you look great this winter season!
ultra blue black
This colour group is masculine and stylish at the same time. We used a tone on tone black camouflage print which combines great with the ultra blue colour. The print makes the group complete and special.
We don’t think there has to be said a lot about this colour group, the styles of the jackets/pants combined with the colour combinations makes sure you look sharp and clean while riding. However, we do want to say something about the new navy-orange combination, how great does it look?! If you want to choose an outfit from this colour group there are multiple options to find the style that fits your preferences.
Vibrant orange
This colour group is for those who know how to ride the mountains. They are confident enough to stand out and want to be seen. What better way than doing that with an awesome vibrant outfit?
“This is my personal favourite style; I like the salopette pants because it makes sure no snow is getting in my pants while riding fresh powder. Most of the time I’m feeling too hot while riding in a normal snowjacktet that’s why i like riding in this thinner snowshirt. The pants combined with the thinner snow shirt on top of it is the best combination for me. Besides the styles, the colours are even better. They make you look like a true and authentic rider.”

Because we liked the new darker red coloured fabric so much we thought why not combine it with other coloured fabrics as well? That’s why we wanted to combine it with navy and we think it has worked out really nice! There are multiple ways to choose your outfit in this colour group, you can choose to stand out if you go for the navy styles that are combined with the red dahlia and dessert colours or you can choose to look cool and more “down to earth” if you go for the navy styles that are combined with the gravel stone and steel blue colours. It’s all up to you!
In this colour group you will find an outfit for each and every type of rider . Although the colours are kind of classic, the style will determine which kind of way you want to take it. Are you going for the new KARL-R white camo anorak, or are you keeping it clean by wearing the ISAC-R jacket?
black flame
If you like to look cool but still stand out on the slopes you have to get one of our outfits from this colour group.Normally we’ve used the red colour for men’s that’s really flashy but in this group we’ve choose to use a darker red colour and combined it with black & grey tones.So when wearing a combination out of this colour group it makes sure you look cool and still don’t
go by unnoticed
dark coral
While being in Hong Kong this year Ron and his daughter Dana went for a hike. After a long hike up the Dragons Back Trail they were stunned by the most amazing views and colours of nature. There were many coral coloured flowers on top of the mountain and it combined great with the green coloured trees. That’s what inspired them to add this dark coral colour into the men’s collection, to spice up an otherwise standard Green-Black colour group.
“Why blend in when you were born to stand out?”

This set combination is designed in a more classic way then others in the LIME colour group. Like we said, there is an outfit for each and every type of man who likes to be outdoors in the snow. Are you into the LIME colourway? This combination will be perfect for you!

enjoy your rides