When I started the Rehall-outerwear company back in 1999, I wanted to provide unlimited opportunities to all of you that love to ride and go out into the snow simply to enjoy themselves!

Over the years our collections have grown and we were able to develop our products into what they are today, functional outerwear garments made of high quality materials that provide all the comfort and joy you need while being out there.

Our Rehtec-dry outer shell fabrics will keep you warm on a cold day and will keep you cool and relaxed on a sunny day. These 2-way stretch materials provide the necessary comfort when boarding or skiing. Taped seams and waterproof/breathable fabrics will keep you dry and warm.

We want everybody to feel good when wearing our Rehall products, that’s why we create both the design and shape of our garments in a way that suits each and every one of you.

Our playful new collection allows you to mix and match our styles as you like and create a look that fits your own personality and style.

We want to provide function and fun by making our outerwear comfortable, affordable and user-friendly.

So go out there and
“Enjoy your Rides!”

Ronald Smits


A family bound by constant innovation and bonded by the common ideal of creating be er experiences through good gear. An enterprise of professionals, creatives and athletes driven by seamless integration and optimal performance that believes not in boundaries but only opportunity.


Christoph Lechner

Germany | Rehall rider since 2014

Florian Lechner

Germany | Rehall rider since 2016

Frits Rijpers

Netherlands | Rehall rider since 2009